The successful candidate should have:

- Medical College Diploma;
- Basic nursing skills.
- Minimum 2 years experience in the medical field;
- Technical ability to operate all medical equipment in the Clinic ER, Consultation rooms and ambulance.
- Skills in Emergency Medical Care and CPR Proficiency. These skills to be benchmarked to the standard of International SOS.
- Effective language skills (English, Azeri & Russian);
- Effective communication and analytical skills;
- A customer service commitment at all times;
- A professional empathic behavior towards patients;
- Punctuality and good attendance;
- Ability to work in team-oriented environment;
- Ability to work with people at all levels;
- Readiness to develop professional skills.

Please send your resume to the address below for the attention of the HR Department.

Contact information:

012 489 54 71
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